dec 27 2017

Hi, this is Zach
Going to try a thing, where I post links to other comics I like when they release new stuff. Not rehosted images, not links to anything but the artists main sites or their webtoons.

Hopefully you’ll find something new in the process, or if you’d like to see something specific just shoot me an email at [email protected]

anywho here is a few new comics from these past couple days you may or may not have seen.

Extra Ordinary’s 500th comic is interactive and fuckin’ dope
Trash Bird questions his secret purpose
the Awkward Yeti can’t sleep
Poorly Drawn Lines and the Ghost of Xmas
Channelate has a stiff comic
Jim Benton has a helpful tip
Ninja and Pirate says happy Hanukkah
Lunar Baboon forces you to celebrate
Sarah Anderson is desensitized
As Per Usual is sick
Toonhole gets the greatest gift of all
dustininteractive ventures beyond
Loading Artist heeds no bitch
Things in Squares gets the big man ready
War and Peas is humiliated
Sanesparza’s latest goes to town
Mercworks knows what it’s about
The Pigeon Gazette cheers you up
Mr. Lovenstein also wants to cheer you up

So…I’m thinkin about doing this every couple days or so. Please voice your support/protests/profanities in the comments. I’m still making comics, maybe tomorrow.

If you are one of these artists and you’d like me to not include your comics just let me know. Thanks!