dec 28, 2017

Here’s some new comics to check out pls

Cheer Up, Emo Kid’s latest takes it a step further
Hot Paper Comics casts off old things
Good Bear Comics learns to read
Bird Strips is sick of public transportation
Safely Endangered explores the dark side of anthropomorphism
Gone into Rapture puts up with Nietzsche
Lol Nein judges the fir
Eat my Paint has competition
Slack Wyrm asks an impossible riddle
Alarmingly Bad leaves us hanging
Honey Dill watches a movie
Obscure Gentlemen get invaded
Skeleton Claw heeds user research results
Mary Death opens pandora’s box
Portuguese Geese get learned the truth
Tales of Absurdity makes pun of Christmas beverages
Rock Paper Cynic questions where the fuck George is
C Section Comics tries to explain
Weinye learns from nature
The Underfold pronounces gif “gif”