dec 29 2017

Hi, hope ur doin okay. Here’s some new comics 4 u to read while u work or poop or other things.

Goat to Self has no couth
Strange Kingdom finds the ‘hip’ bone
Mr. Simple goes skating
Bacon admits their greatest fault
Berkeley Mews thanks Santa
How I Really likes Christmas
Bummer Corp is laughing with you
The Daneman celebrates the most important holiday
Poorly Drawn Lines is indifferent
10 Channelate thought he was doin’ good
11 As Per Usual’s 200th episode asks readers about 2018 
12 Toonhole is finally making some changes
13 Dustinteractive is drunk
14 Sanesparza sees a meteor
15 FatAwesome gets angry
16 Nothing gets their results
17 Unliteral makes a cake
18 Little Life Lines messes up while dressin up
19 Caw4hw sends Santa a letter
20 Port Sherry drinks and drives
21 4am Shower ends the list with a bit of hope