dec 30 2017

hey bb fuckin check these comics out boo

Whomp! will let you borrow his car
Sephko’s useless task
Weinye lives the life
Portuguese Geese knows what to do
Bird Strips is siiick
6 They Can Talk justifies their actions
Ninja and Pirate takes a mulligan
C Section comics makes a list
4am Shower is also sick
10 My Dad is Dracula takes a break
11 Jason Calzadilla has symptoms
12 Rabbit Rabbit has the big man upstairs on his side
13 Blinky and Sal reach a consensus
14 Sarah Anderson is pissed
15 Oppressive Silence remembers something
16 Ubertool is a grouch
17 Rock Paper Scissors is losing it
18 Infinite Immortal Bens has seen enough shit
19 Arcade Rage meets a girl
20 Stupendous Fowl can’t follow simple directions