Jan 1 2018

happy new year!

Arcade Rage gets taxed
They Can Talk starts the year off exercising
Whomp! makes his special punch
CAW4HW begins anew
4am Shower is hopeful
Mr. Simple has sleeping problems
Bacon is heading in a new direction
How I Really tried to warn you
David Daneman writes a check
10 The Underfold has to go back
11 Slack Wyrm makes some changes this new year
12 Safely Endangered hits 300
13 Mercworks goes to Texas
14 War and Peas goes out with a bang
15 dustinteractive makes a choice
16 Toonhole makes an impression
17 Lunar Baboon makes some resolutions
18 As Per Usual makes a fuss
19 Fistful of Zebras has a brown dog
20 A Comik starts the year off right
21 The Pigeon Gazette jumps from a plane