jan 2 2018

look what i found

Lord of the Gadflies escapes for a bit
Buttersafe wakes up after the party
Biter Comics saves cash
Huffy Penguin hears something
Infinite Guff delivers the box
Atom Kay gets a new cut
Earth to Planet is polite
Raph Comic keeps it in check
Stupendous Fowl gives a lecture
10 4am Shower is in a trance
11 Nothing Suspicio.us is driven
12 The Underfold is a beacon
13 Piece of Me has a hard time
14 Portuguese Geese gets arrested
15 Alarmingly Bad gets rid of his problems
16 Lunar Baboon is a fortress
17 Trash Bird has his mothers head
18 St Beals shares wisdom
19 cheesecornz has a contest
20 It Fools a Monster looks back