Jan 3 2018

Biter Comics teaches Designated Driver’s Ed
Earth to Planet is a thrill seeker
Mr Simple gets ready for the new year
Whomp! tries to catch a thief
4am Shower howls at the moon
Bacon gets judged correctly
Rock Paper Cynic learns from cats
Honey Dill battles Honey Dill
Rustled Jimmies can speak to animals
10 St. Beals is different
11 Safely Endangered breeds something
12 Bird Strips gets taken seriously
13 Hot Paper Comics gets support
14 Mr. Lovenstein needs to start over
15 dustinteractive has confidence
16 Sarah Anderson is ready for bed
17 Lunar Baboon has a method
18 Ninja and Pirate has only one question
19 It Fools a Monster has a different perspective
20 These Inside Jokes is loved

Know any other comics you like to see here? I got a list of over a hundred that I’m adding to every day, so send me some fucking shit pls