jan 9 2018


Just Shy of Adulting sees a promoter
4am Shower is impressed
Nothing Suspicio.us is gonna die alone
These Inside Jokes has a crappy assistant
Skullby and Gourdo is too mysterious
Buttersafe is busy
Lord of the Gadflies goes to heaven
Raph Comic turns the lights on
Mr. Simple shops for clothes after the holidays
10 Infinite Immortal Bens and the butterfly effect
11 They Can Talk wallows
12 Whomp has a chart
13 High Comedic Value is experiencing difficulties
14 The Danemen sees stars
15 Piece of Me spent too long in post
16 Tales of Absurdity plays D&D
17 Portuguese Geese fails the test
18 Nate Inc. hears the sacred blubs
19 Slack Wyrm lingers on
20 Safely Endangered makes a discovery
21 Bird Strips is a roommate
22 Good Bear Comics sees the bright side
23 Hot Paper Comics is refined
24 Mr. Lovenstein gets spicy
25 MercWorks goes to LA
26 Things in Squares gets nervous
27 War and Peas goes out
28 Dustinteractive can’t get out
29 Toonhole gets some therapy
30 A Per Usual goes to an interview
31 Lunar Baboon gives away the last one
32 Channelate changes the channel
33 Poorly Drawn Lines has no excuses
34 Trash Bird writes a book