jan 12 2018

Rabbit Rabbit sees stars
Pie Comic judges people
These Inside Jokes tackles small problems
Buttersafe does a trick
St Beals preemptively strikes
Infinite Guff is a student
A Comik has become one
Mr. Simple succumbs to advertising
Whomp has an eye for business
10 Goat to Self eats a fortune cookie
11 Bacon makes a change
12 Berkeley Mews paints a landscape
13 Weinye is just one of the guys
14 Rustled Jimmies is a merchant
15 Piece of Me is procrastinating
16 C Section says their prayers
17 The Danemen break the bank
18 Hot Paper has a friend
19 Mr. Lovenstein caught ‘mirin
20 Dustinteractive drinks wine
21 Channelate plays god

going out of town for a couple days, brb